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Mindful Movement

Welcome to our Mindful Movement Classes—your chill zone for finding calm amidst life's chaos. Whether you're into the slow, graceful moves of Tai Chi, the ultimate chill of Restorative Yoga, the easygoing vibes of Slow Flow Yoga, or the laid-back approach of Gentle Yoga, we've got your unwinding needs covered.

Restorative Yoga:

Our Restorative Yoga is like a power nap for your whole body. You'll use comfy props to do easy stretches, making you feel renewed and stress-free. It's like hitting the reset button for your body and mind.

Slow Flow Yoga:
Slow Flow Yoga is your go-to for a relaxed workout. We take it easy, focusing on how you breathe and move. It's a chance to build strength, get flexible, and find some peace, both on and off the yoga mat.

Gentle Yoga:
Our Gentle Yoga is for everyone, no matter your fitness level. It's all about moving at your own pace, doing simple stretches, and getting into that stress-free zone. Consider it a friendly invitation to treat your body and mind with some much-needed care.

Tai Chi:

Think of Tai Chi like a slow-motion dance that's also good for your health. It's all about moving gently to boost your strength, make you flexible, and help you relax. Plus, it's an excellent stress-buster that brings some calm to your busy life.


Benefits of Mindful Movement Classes
1. Stress Less: Our classes are your chill pill—helping you shake off stress and find your inner calm.

2. Move Better:  Get more flexible and stronger with easy movements that are good for your body.

3. Mind-Body Chill: Connect your mind and body, and get into that mindful zone where everything just clicks.

4. Relax Big Time:Kick back, let go, and let the tension melt away. You'll leave feeling like a brand new, super chill you.

5. Stand Tall: Improve your posture and how your body lines up. It's like a tune-up for your physical well-being.

6. Easy Vibes: Dive into a laid-back practice that not only gets you moving but also brings a sense of ease and happiness.

Ready to kick back, stretch, and find your calm? Our Mindful Movement Classes are your ticket to a more relaxed, happier you. Join us, take a breath, and let the good vibes flow!

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    20 US dollars
  • an exhilarating experience that will leave you feeling stronger, more ...

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  • gentle dance like movements to boost your strength, make you flexible,...

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    20 US dollars
  • Pause, Breathe, Thrive: A weekly meditation class to discover calm am...

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  • parent child yoga class focused on managing tough emotions

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  • parent child yoga class focused on managing tough emotions

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  • a relaxed workout focusing on how you breathe and move, and is a great...

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    20 US dollars
  • 60 minute

    200 US dollars
  • Easy Like Sunday Morning

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    20 US dollars

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