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emotional health topics tailored to your specific needs

Training and workshops are custom created for large and small group.  Small group training allows a more intimate discussion and presentation and is perfect to digging into a deeper discovery and sharing of information.  Large groups, conferences and key notes are more dynamic and Tracey's presentation style allows for uncomfortable information to be presented in a soothing manner, which is optimal for learning. 

What does Tracey speak about?
Topics can be customized for your setting and participants.  Some topics she has presented are:
  • diversity, equity and inclusion
  • trauma stress
  • racial stress and trauma
  • mindful parenting
  • pandemic anxiety
  • vulnerability and power
  • compassion fatigue & burnout
  • restoring focus
  • worry & anxiety
  • responding to crisis
  • mindfulness during the day
In addition to the above, Tracey can  assist in facilitating meetings, strategic planning, and business consulting
Tracey speaking at Creighton Law School.PNG

If you are looking for an informative virtual training from a skilled mental health practitioner with an array of expertise in trauma, I strongly urge you to engage the services of Tracey Pearson, LIMHP, LMSW. I hired Tracey to facilitate my non-profit organization’s Diversity & Inclusion Forum and I am very pleased with the outcome of our session. Today’s timely and important topic, Racial Trauma, was so exceptionally facilitated, engaging and necessary. Tracey skillfully shared her expertise with all of the empathy and caring she always exhibits in her work. I am confident our employees benefitted from the training and are better equipped to support the youth and young adults we serve, as well as our colleagues during these stressful times. I highly recommend Tracey for both therapy services and training facilitation. Simply put, she is the best! 

Shawntal M. Smith, Esq.


From the moment she began, it was evident that Tracey Pearson, LIMHP, possesses a unique ability to create a warm and inviting space for exploration and growth. Her expertise in the realms of therapy and mindfulness was apparent as she seamlessly navigated through complex topics, distilling them into accessible and actionable steps for personal development. What struck me most about Tracey's facilitation was not only the depth of her knowledge but also the genuine passion with which she shared it. Her commitment to helping others cultivate mindfulness and navigate the intricacies of their mental well-being was both inspiring and contagious. I left our strategic planning session with a renewed sense of purpose and practical techniques to integrate mindfulness into my daily life.  One of Tracey's most remarkable qualities is her soothing voice, which served as a gentle guide throughout the session. Her words resonated with a calming authenticity, creating a space for reflection and self-discovery. It was as if her voice itself carried the healing energy she advocates, leaving a lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to be in attendance.

Kimberly Jones, MD

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