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Experience the Joy of Living Mindfully

through mindful movement, coaching & training

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Mindful Movement Classes

A healthy life allows you to connect your mind and body in a way that promotes overall wellness.  Explore yoga, tai chi, and restorative yoga in our classes

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Mindfulness Coaching

A mix life coaching with mindfulness to guide you in staying present, connecting your mind and body, and building resilience. Start a journey of self-discovery and intentional living.

Yoga Group



Explore healing through mindful therapeutic classes and workshops designed to address trauma and stress and to promote physical and emotional well-being.

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Yoga Class

Somatic Movement Therapy

Somatic movement therapy is all about using your body to help heal and grow as a person. It's learning from how your body feels, moves, and senses things inside you. The goal is to better understand yourself and make positive changes.

Pregnancy Yoga

Mindful Parenting

Mindful parenting means being really focused and present when you're with your child, creating a strong connection by paying attention and understanding each other. It's about being patient, listening

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Leadership & Speaking Inquiries

We provide mindfulness services for groups and leaders. Our sessions focus on simple practices to bring mindfulness into your daily life, enhancing well-being and leadership skills.

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