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Mindful Parenting

Welcome to "Tiny Humans and all the Feels" – a class to help you be a better parent by staying calm, connecting with your kids, and making family life less stressful. In this class, we mix easy mindfulness with practical parenting tips to make your parenting journey more enjoyable.

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What You'll Learn:

Better Parenting: We'll show you simple ways to be more present and less stressed as a parent. Learn how to handle tough moments, understand your feelings, and build a strong connection with your kids.


Handling Emotions: Explore how feelings work – yours and your child's. Get tools to manage tough times, create a happy home, and help your kids handle their emotions too.

Talking Better: Learn how to talk and listen better. Figure out how to say what you need and understand what your child is trying to tell you. Improve how you and your child talk to each other.

Routine with Meaning: Build special routines that make your family feel safe and happy. From bedtime to daily activities, discover how being mindful can make everyday moments better.


Growing Together: Understand that parenting is a learning journey. Connect with other parents, share stories, and get support. Build a community that lasts beyond the class.

Why It's Good for You:

- Connect with your child on a deeper level.
- Make your home a happy and calm place.
- Deal with challenges in a strong way.
- Improve how your family talks and understands each other.
- Learn a mindful way of parenting that sticks.

How It Works:

Classes are friendly, whether in person or online. We talk, try out easy mindfulness exercises, and share practical tips you can use right away.


Who Should Join:

If you're a parent at any stage – new or experienced – this class is for you. Get helpful ideas and tools for making your parenting adventure more enjoyable.


Invest in Your Family's Happiness:

Join "Tiny Humans and all the Feels" and make parenting more fun. Invest in your family's happiness by learning to love, be patient, and be mindful while raising your little ones.

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