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releasing stress & tension in your body through


safe and gentle yoga for all activity levels

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Trauma-Informed Yoga

A healthy mind and emotional state is essential in having peace. It is just as important as physical health. My goal is to help you realize your potential to achieve health and wellness, and to love your life!  Restorative Yoga treats stress and trauma.  


When something stressful or painful happens in our life, there is a moment where we decide how we will respond.  Most of us are unaware of this time and our bodies my react or we may say or do something without thinking. We also may continue to carry this stress in our body. 

When something stressful happens, there is space between what occurred and our reaction. We then choose to take a few deep breaths, let our shoulders relax a bit, and think more clearly about what occurred. We are able to not take as much personally, deal more effectively with the situation and keep our peace. 


I am certified in treating trauma and I am a trauma yoga facilitator and specialize in treating trauma.  Some times what we have experienced is so traumatic we don't have words to express in therapy.


With some trauma the injury and circumstances have occurred for so long or so often that it has become a part of our development or how we see ourselves. Restorative Trauma Based Yoga help to address these issues.  


Mindfully Refreshed Online Restorative Class offered 1st Monday of each month
at 7PM

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